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Natural Hygienists Webring

This website belongs to the NATURAL HYGIENISTS WEBRING ---- Visit another site in the ring:
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Note: still under construction
How to join:

You are welcome to join the Natural Hygienists Webring, if your website displays some aspect of Natural Hygiene or Life Science / Natural Hygiene.
The term Natural Hygiene (Hygiene = Science of Health) is used here as being defined by ANHS, the American Natural Hygiene Society, and reflected in the ANHS magazine Health Science.

The purpose of this ring is to provide a link between Natural Hygiene websites, to make it easy for visitors to find as many Natural Hygiene sites as possible. Thereby increasing the exposure/visits for every participating site.

The webring is free, and is made possible by the WebRing.
This webring started Sept. 99. It has been submitted to all the major search engines and is listed in the Webring Directory.

It is easy to join. Just two steps: 1.fill in the submit form, 2.copy the webring banner (in HTML code) to your website. See instructions below.

How to join:

1. Fill in following form and press send-button. It will usually take less than a day to get processed.

Submit site to Natural Hygienists Webring
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2. You will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. You are now in the queue.
Copy the HTML code below - to add to your webpage (as HTML-fragment). (Or you can go to the "How to edit"-page below, enter your site-number and password, and there copy the HTML code for the webring banner.)

3. Send an e-mail to the ringmaster, requesting that you are added (from the queue) to the ring.

4. You will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail. Your website is now added to the ring. Test that the webring banner functions ok.

How to edit:

If you have already submitted your site to the ring and would like to change your site's profile, just click (password and id-number needed) below.
Includes: How to leave the webring. HTML-code for the webring banner, with correct id-number.

This website belongs to the NATURAL HYGIENISTS WEBRING ---- Visit another site in the ring:
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HTML code
Copy the HTML code for the webring here:
(IMPORTANT: EXCHANGE id=2 FOR YOUR ID-NUMBER in four places! Code with correct id-number entered is found under "EDIT SITE INFORMATION".)

<!-- --------------------------------------Natural Hygienists' Webring-----------------------------------------> <CENTER> <TABLE BGCOLOR="cc0000" CELLPADDING="4" ><TR><TD> <TABLE BGCOLOR="ffffff" CELLPADDING="2" BORDERCOLOR="ff0000"><TR><TD> <CENTER><IMG SRC="" WIDTH="479" HEIGHT="108" ALT="This website belongs to the NATURAL HYGIENISTS WEBRING ---- Visit another site in the ring:"></CENTER> <CENTER> <TABLE CELLPADDING="0"><TR><TD><FONT SIZE=-1 FACE="arial,helvetica,sans-serif,sans serif, MS sans serif" COLOR="cc0000"><a href=";id=2;prev" target="_top"><B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="cc0000"><< Previous</FONT></B></a> | <a href=";id=2;random"><FONT COLOR="cc0000">Random</FONT></a> | <a href="" STYLE="text-decoration: none" target="_top"><FONT COLOR="cc0000">Join???</FONT></a> | <a href=";list" target="_top"><FONT COLOR="cc0000">List Sites</FONT></a> | <a href=";id=2;next5"><FONT COLOR="cc0000">Next 5</FONT></a> | <a href=";id=2;next" target="_top"><B><FONT SIZE="3" COLOR="cc0000">Next >></FONT></B></a></FONT></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> </TD></TR></TABLE> </TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <!-- -----------------------------------end of webring-------------------------------------- -->

Choose from these extra pictures - use "save picture as", upload picture to your site, change code to IMG SRC="nhsring02.gif" or whatever picture you uploaded. (Note these are all .gif - we have tried .jpg, it looks ugly)

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