Hygienic Physicians - Detox & Fasting Specialists
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You are welcome to submit your website to the Hygienic Physicians Webring, if you are a physician knowledgable and experienced in therapeutic fasting and hygienic methods - and preferably certified as a fasting supervisor by IAHP, International Association of Hygienic Physicians or HLC, Healthful Living International Consultants - or INHS, International Natural Hygiene Society - and your website displays this. In other cases a committee will review the application. (In essence you need theoretical knowledge as well as experience certified through peer review or internship at fasting clinic.)

The purpose of this ring is to provide a link between hygienic physicians' websites, to make it easy for visitors to find as many such sites as possible. Thereby increasing the exposure/visits for every participating site.
Plus to show the breadth, knowledge and vitality in the hygienic physicians' international community as reflected in their websites.

What is Hygienic? The term "Hygienic", derived from the term Natural Hygiene (Hygiene = Science of Health), is used here as being defined by ANHS, BNHS or HLI.

The webring is free, and is made possible by WebRing.
This webring started June 99. It is being submitted to all the major search engines and is listed in the Webring Directory.

It is easy to join. See instructions below. You must fulfill the requirement of either being a member of IAHP (for any length of time, certified or non-certified), HLC or similar -- or being admitted by the webring committee. (Recommendation: choose the HTML-code for your banner, not the Java-code, if you want to be able to see the banner offline.)

Hygienic Physicians - Detox & Fasting Specialists
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